Due Diligence to bring postdocs and investors together

For the past month I have been working with a great trio of postdocs to complete a due diligence technical assessment template for Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR), a group committed to promoting conversations between early career academics and entrepreneurs. One way to accomplish this goal is for OBR to offer consulting services. This postdoc/student-led group has a vast network of postdocs across diverse technical fields who would be ideal for performing due diligence on novel technologies for venture capital (VC) firms, angel investors, or possibly startups preparing to approach investors.

With the technical assessment template, a team of expert postdocs can be quickly selected specifically for the technology the client wants assessed from a pool of active consultants, and then the group can proceed with maximum efficiency by following the detailed guidance of the template. We invested great effort into developing the content of the template through researching due diligence guidance and incorporating feedback from VCs, angel investors, and experienced consultants.  

This is an excellent idea that has been successful in other markets outside of the bay area and a great opportunity to further bridge that ever shrinking divide between academia and industry. It’s an amazing opportunity for postdocs to connect with investors and founders and a productive way to acquire some skills away from the bench that could increase an academic’s marketability in the future. Furthermore, the budding postdoc-entrepreneur could find mentors through this process. This is a win-win situation for everyone and I can’t wait to see it succeed.


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