Protein Gels and Microscopy

Over the past year in the Bogyo lab at Stanford I have greatly expanded my repertoire of organic chemistry and biochemistry techniques. This was absolutely my goal in joining the lab. Unfortunately, all the assays are visualized with some form of protein gel. These patterns of black bands can be crazy exciting, but to a cell biology, they fall short of that visual pizzaz that comes from looking at an actual organism. The gel below represents a huge triumph in my research, but it certainly lacks that “ohhh/awww” factor outside of a very specific audience such as the one I presented to at the Pacific Coast Protease Meeting


(As a side note, some people would consider this intriguing and potentially art, but they are the rare visionaries.) 

Recently, I have begun to include some more cell biology and microscopy into my project; but so far only fluorescent Toxoplasma as I search for abnormalities in development or structure. 

Not yet drool-worthy eye candy, but soon it will be back in the realm of my thesis work as published in Cellular Microbiology and International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology.

Though as scientist we are constantly broadening our horizons and always learning, it’s nice to go back to something we love every now and then.  


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