Women in Bio help others at Pivotal Changes event

On October 29th in South San Francisco, Amgen hosted the San Francisco Bay Area chapter’s Pivotal Changes event, which provided guidance for evolving your career through every stage of life. Christine Fera of Lighthouse Capital Partners moderated a panel of invited speakers including Lyn Christenson, a leadership coach with the Linkage Group; Gerry Hansen, founder of Hansen Coaching and Consulting; and Deanna Kosaraju, founder and CEO of Global Tech Women. Though all three speakers addressed the topic from different, yet complementary, angles, the value of strong sponsorship, the necessity of establishing a solid network, and the importance of asserting yourself were common themes of the evening. The enthusiastic and engaged audience of over 100 attendees had enough questions that the event could have lasted double the scheduled time, and all the panelist stayed late into the evening to answer many of the questions that could not be accommodated in the question and answer session. The presentation was bookended by lively networking amongst the attendees over delicious food and drinks.

The event, which was co-sponsored by King and Spalding LLP, also included a successful clothing drive for Dress for Success organized by Brooke Anderson-White and Fiore Cattaruzza. Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit that provides disadvantaged women with the clothing and counseling necessary to launch a career. The attendees donated their extra business clothing and money was raised through a raffle for several beautiful pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry donated by Lia Sophia. According to Anderson-White, “The volunteers at Dress for Success were thrilled at the amount and quality of clothing collected and amazed to learn that all the raffle tickets were sold within an hour.” 


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