Month: October 2014

The world of fecal microbiota transplants

Poop pills or bacteria pills

Not to be confused with these poop pills, FMT requires transplantation directly into the colon

This is the link to my most recent post for uBiome on fecal microbiota transplants (FMT).

A little taste:

Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) is the therapeutic process of transplanting feces from a healthy individual to an ailing recipient. Despite the obvious “ick” factor of receiving healthy poop from your sister, husband, or friend, people suffering from debilitating Clostridium difficile bacterial infections are overlooking the ick in hopes of a C. difficile cure. Currently the only indication for which FMT is approved by the FDA is C. difficile colitis and there is contention as to the efficacy of FMT for C. difficile treatment.”


Thank you from California Academy of Sciences

Oral swabbing for uBiome by Cal Academy

Angus Chandler, Academy postdoc, and Sean Edgerton, graduate student at SFSU, demonstrate oral swabbing

Check out my blog post on the wonderful thank you letter we received at uBiome from the California Academy of Sciences.  Visit both uBiome and the Cal Academy at Bay Area Discovery Days November 1, 2014.